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Customer Agreement
This agreement is made between the customer (identification above) and the server Primahotels.com which is the utility for auction demand of hotel accommodation. The customer can use the system Primahotels.com free of charge. Customer is responsible for using these auctions only for its hotel accommodation needs. Auction demand is on the name of the customer and are not transferable. Customer must use valid and true names, address and contacts in his profile. Customer must use the valid credit card for payment as well. Server Primahotels.Com does not charge the hotel accommodation. Only hotel charges the reservation. In case of group reservations, the credit card is NOT used and the customer must contact hotel in 24 hours to approve the payment procedure. Customer receives free auction demand after fully completed registration. After each new reservations additional auctions are added to the customer profile. Server Primahotels.com can delete the customer profile, if customer uses the invalid, fictive, test or stolen credit cards as form of payment or uses the booking system for fictive reservations. Server Primahotels.com offers 2 kind of auction demand. INDIVIDUAL – upt to 5 rooms, and GROUP demand – for 6 rooms and more. If Customer would like to use the group demand auctions, he must complete the fields Company and job position. It is expected that customer is company or travel agent. But if the customer is private person who likes to use the group reservation request for private issues, then customer completes both fields with words „private person“. Auction prices are unpublished and the name of customer and hotels are hidden for other users or customers in the system. Auction reservations have special discounted prices. Reservations can not be canceled. Reservations must be fully prepaid and prepayment is non refundable. Customer accept the electronic signature on this server and agree with these terms. Customer agrees the auction rules as well. Then the customer profile is activated. Customer can open the auction at any time. Customer can close (reject) the auction at any time free of charge. But 1 free auction is always deducted. Hotel can get in or get out the auction at any time. Hotel can update the offered price (bid) at any time. Hotel must accept the price offered and reserved by the customer. Only reservations with auction prices are valid. Customer can use the SIGN ON via third party such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. Customer can be private person, company, travel agency, tour operator or any entity eligible to legal acts representing a person aged 16 years and over. Some countries require the higher age of travellers and visa - so please check it before You make the hotel reservations. In case of group reservations, the group leader must be at least 18 Years old. Group leader is responsible for the other group participants according to the laws of his country and the destination country.

The customer agreement can be updated at any time upon the decision of the server Primahotels.com

I agree to adopt the signature below as my electronic signature for the User Agreement shown above. 9/29/2020 2:39 PM, IP address: