Auction hotels reservations system for hotel rooms, apartments and groups.

  • Quick guide and Tips. How the auction hotels system works:
    At first, see more hotel on-line sites at the destination, where you're going to go. Find out the hotel prices in that area. Open auction to the dates when traveling on this PrimaHotels server. You can enter the auction with a selection of the hotel location and address, category and the required services. Auction system is only for registered customers. Individual auction up to 5 rooms runs 120 hours. Auctions for groups from 6 rooms and more runs 199 hours. Watch the offered hotel room prices at the time of auction session. The offered price is always for TOTAL stay for all requested rooms and requested services in Your remarks. The price is final and inclusives all taxes, local charges and surcharges. Hotels update their offered price at any time during the auction session. Up or down. Gain more information about the hotel when You click the hotel name. It opens a new windows with official hotel web site. If you like the selected hotel, you can book it immediately from the auction session - bottom SELECT. Then complete the reservation guest form. Guest data is preloaded from Your profile. Reservation can not be created on another person. Reservation procedure is online. Hotel charges Your stay from your credit card. We use strong SSL encryption to secure the data transmition with 2,048 kilobytes. Online booking can not be canceled. You receive the email reservation and You have the copy of Your reservation in the section MY RESERVATIONS.
    If you are interested in how it all works and other tips and tricks, read the full story.

  • 1) On-line reservation system is a good servant but a bad master
    .... Somehow it all began. Lots of phone calls and faxes to the hotel reception. 15 years ago, online reservation system was a relief for the hotel reservation department. It fully took over all the room price administration and distribution. Everything was transferred to the computers. But a lot has changed in 15 years. Today's online hotel booking systems have become the most expensive distribution channel. And why ? They became dominant. Today hotel does not have a chance to break through alone among the big distributors. The cost of a SQL database, operating systems, firewalls, routers, gateways, DNS, XML integration, SSL certificates, and other hardware are growing more and more. Every year companies spend on IT more and more money. And who will pay it ? Hotelier, it means a guest in the hotel room price. Furthermore, there are robotic programs, controlling the final selling price of hotel rooms at all the possible distribution channels across the Internet. The ideal situation for customers. Anywhere on the internet you can buy the same hotel room for the same price for everyone. Liquidation for the hotelier. Why not ? Because hotelier can operate with only one published current price determined by all. And that is the problem. You have one published price. But purchasing power is everywhere different. If hotelier determines price, sells a certain part of the capacity. But not all of it. And the rest of the unsold rooms is just bad luck. And therefore each hotelier calculates with an average occupancy and average price per room per night. The purchaser of a hotel room so unwittingly contributes to those unsold, the hotelier must pay as well. A terrible idea for us customers, right ?

  • 2) Marketing Tricks of some retailers
    To sell the maximum capacity of the hotel rooms, hoteliers use the daily update of room rates. But still in the same distribution channels, and still publicly for everyone. Because there is no other way. Therefore, some vendors use in marketing the tricks and slogans like: 80 percent off, last minute offer, best price guarantee, etc... But these are just tricks, because those prices are the same in all distribution channels. And it must be. Robots check Rate Parity across the internet. So hoteliers have no choice than to play the game on the daily rate update. And the type of discount: 80% OFF? ... Certainly - but of what?

  • 3) Imagine a marketplace with the sale of apples
    There are many sellers of apples on the marketplace. Everyone praises his goods. Buyers can choose. Everyone wants to buy an apple. They definitely buy from someone. But they buy only at one seller. Therefore, other sellers go down with the price of apples. Standard market behavior ...
    But how online hotel reservation systems work in distribution channels? It is on the similar base ? Not. Watch why ... Hoteliers do not sell themselves. Place on the marketplace is very expensive. Hoteliers must use vendors on the internet. They sell more hotels and the cost price at the market is reduced to a tolerable level. But hotelier does not see the customer during the sale. Never. Hotelier can only tip. If one who occasionally looks at their web site is the one who buys something. Hotelier does not see whether the customers gather at the competition and buy there. What should a hotelier do ? Moreover, how the hotelier may know that the seller does not use his hotel as bait for sale another hotel from which gets higher commission ? In addition, work of the robotic utilities to control "Rate parity" completely changes any statistics. Over the past 5 years the number of XML transactions raised just 10 times in order to control prices between retailers. Today we have a huge traffic of data in systems without effect - sales. And that means an increase of prices on the database, operating systems, hardware, etc. This can not withstand, it must occur somewhere ... What to do ? Who will pay it ? And what would happen if we made ​​a virtue of necessity ?

  • 4) I can offer a discount if no one knows about it
    ... And we're at it. Not so long ago, one of my hotelier said over coffee. I give 15-20% discount to the customer, when no one will know about it. Think of the way that the customer got a discount from me but nobody else knew. Moreover, if I know in advance how many rooms the customer wants, for how long, if it's a family with children, or seniors, etc. - I can offer him much more ...
    It's a marketing ploy, or is it meant seriously? You do not need guess - seriously ! Let's use it.

  • 5) Sold versus unsold hotel rooms ...
    How hotelier operates with the price I already indicated above. He has to calculate an average selling rate of an average occupancy. Each sold room in addition is a profit. Let us take an example of illusory hotel with 50 rooms. Let's say that we focus on the average month of the year. It is true that every hotelier has at least one beautiful month of the year and one again completely wrong. So let's take just the average. Here it is:
    What hotelier can do to sell unsold rooms ?

    Sold rooms are shown on blue columns.
    But there are a lot of unsold rooms as well.
    And that's a shame. This is a loss of profit.
    A similar graph have the other hotels in the area.
    Can you think of anything?
    What hotelier can do to sell those rooms ?
    How could gain a new customer, so that the others did not know about it ?
    If there could be a system with unpublished rates and private demand ...

  • 6) The eternal dilemma of hotelier - the most expensive rooms are those unsold
    Fine. But that's not a problem at all. Let's help him to sell those rooms. Otherwise remain empty. Let's discuss hotelier the price of the empty room...

  • 7) We help to change the passive behavior of the customer on internet to its active access
    One rule says: Who hurries, who pays more. In the on-line reservation systems it is doubly true. Do You need something right now? Of course, no problem. Here it is. Buy it. We add to the marketing ploy "Now with 80% off." And with pleasure, you're buying the most expensive possible stay at the hotel ... This is typical passive behavior of the customer on the internet.
    But we can wait. Who knows at least a little previous rules, he knows that the hotelier gladly sells rooms, which would remain empty. So let's bid. Let's be active. We provide you with our auction platform ! With us you remove all marketing tactics and tricks. You will receive an unpublished lower room rate, which reflects the amount of unsold rooms in your requested dates.
    How it sounds?

  • 8) Where I do not get a discount, but I can build my marketplace ?
    Not worth haggle on price in destination, where one hotel is. However, we remember to such variation. If you go to places you know well, bring to the system the other hotels in this location. This will increase the number of participating hotels and possibility of auction sales. Than You can use this principle purchase of hotel accommodations.

  • 9) Where is the chance to get a discount ?
    As on the marketplace. Where there are more sellers of the same goods. In our case, in the destination with at least 3 hotels approximately the same category. Hoteliers see your room request and offer price. More rooms, extended stay, date with a minimum hotel occupancy, group bookings with drawing other services. All this has an impact on the price of the hotel room. In addition, the size of the discount is so great, how many hotels outrun each other. Hotels in the auction does not see each other by name, but by price and category. So every hotel sees what price the others offer You. Well, here every hotelier asks a question. Why should the other get the potential customer ? Let us reduce the price a bit. And the auction begins. With a limited time. 120 hours auction up to 5 rooms. 199 hours auction with 6 rooms and more. Only you, as the customer can see real names of hotels with the bid price. Hotels see you and know who you are. You are not for hoteliers fictitious computer XML segment, but the real guest who wants to buy the accommodation. Here begins the second round of discounts. Hoteliers to outrun the amount of the discounts - because none of the present online reservation systems can not do that. They are passive. They can only passively respond. What do they know, they say. But do not expect them to be interact. They can not. But our system allows hoteliers to work actively with the price according to your requirement. They can change their offer not only according to their availability, but also according to the offer of the others. Here hoteliers see their customers !

  • 10) As a large reduction can be in the auction sale ?
    Small and large. But we always get below the current offer on the online systems. Depart from the theoretical assumption that the hotelier will want on the first offer to give a better price to get you. Let us say 10% down. This is a standard possible discount. It's nice, but tour operators are also working with 40-60% margins. Moreover, thanks to a permanent variable pricing at on-line system it is not possible to specify the immediate margins of the tour operators. But is it so roughly. If you wait until more hotels are involved in the auction, then the discount may get to 30 percent. In case of a longer stay, more rooms or groups it may be more. Do not hesitate, try it !

  • 11) How to register as a customer at PrimaHotels.Com - and is it necessary?
    Your registration as a customer is needed. According to the rules, which I have explained above, it is necessary to create the auction connection between hotels and You. Any auction session must be unique and unambiguous simultaneously. Auction session is not public and you are a customer for hotelier who wants to buy his product, and he sees you. Registration is very simple. I recommend you to first register with us at our server PrimaHotels.Com and then use sign ons with Facebook, Twitter or Google. Your data from the profile we consider private and we do not provide them to third parties. We need them to set up hotel reservations. Normally You will use the individual auctions (for max 5 rooms), but sometimes You can use the group auction request. It is for wedding party, or holiday party, etc. In that case You have to specify in the box "Company Name": Private persons. Adn in the box "Position": Private person. Normally these boxes are for travel agents or companies. But we believe the private persons can use the group reservations also.

  • 12) When we say - open auction on hotels. How and tips
    a) Are You registered customer on our server ? - Yes ? - OK
    b) Are You signed on ? - Yes ? - OK
    c) Have You previously checked the internet online hotel rates ? - Yes ? - OK
    d) Go to homepage, You are ready to OPEN AUCTION with hotel room request at PrimaHotels.Com.
    e) Select the type of auction. Whether an individual (up to 5 rooms included) or group (6 rooms or more). Almost of our customers will use the individual auction request. But for holiday party, wedding party, etc. You can use the group request as well like travel agents or tour operators.
    f) Choose the destination - place where You like to stay. Look at the following picture.
    How to choose the right destination at Primahotels.com

    Let us say, You like to travel to Sydney in Australia
    Write the word "Sydney" to the destination box. System will reply You with all places routed to "Sydney". You can see there is Sydney in Canada, so do not choose this place. Now You can decide which part of Sydney You like to stay. Hotels are stored in our database only at one city. So if You choose one of the offered place, You will talk only with the hoteliers in this place. If You need to know how many hotels are located in the specific city part, use the function HOTEL LIST before You open auction.. There You can see the list of hotels with their location on map. I recommend You to choose the best city part and use the address (or point) distance functionality. This allows You to talk to all hoteliers regardless the other city parts.
    For example.
    You like to stay in Sydney (Australia) at the beach and not in the business city centre. So choose the Sydney city part "BONDI BEACH" and use adress or point specification in the right box of the auction form - next picture. You can specify there the exact address or point. I specified there the place Bondi Beach. As You can see it is working with Google mapping. So if You specify address, You have to write full adress untill You get some replies.
    To choose the best location at Primahotels.comSpecify address or point to get hotels regarding GPS at Primahotels.com

    Choose the preferable address and specify the distance in kilometres or miles from the address. It is like radius. You will talk with all hoteliers in the radius from the specified address.
    The same effect Youhave if You choose destination Sydney (instead of Bondi Beach) and to the address You write "Bondi Beach". The address is optional feature and working with hotel GPS positions. The box Destination is working only with hotels which choosen this destination as location. So it is always better to combine Destination box with address box.
    The easiest specification of the destination is the standard city with about 50 hotels. There are no city parts and all hotels are located under one city name.
    And how to specify destination in islands ? This is similar case like Sydney was. If You like to stay on Mallorca island, type "Mallorca" to the destination box. There are approximately 20 cities. So choose one of them and specify You favourite point or address in the address box and the distance in kilometres. All hotels inside this distance will be added to the auction request regardless the city where they are located. Do not specify the large number of the distance - You could add the hotels from another island ...

  • 13) Specification of hotel category and other hotel services. Guest remarks
    You have to specify Your requested hotel category. We do not use the BID / ASK price system, because it does not say anything. We prefer not to open Your budget to the hoteliers, but we prefer to say them what hotel category You like to stay. It is more better. On the other side in our case You can specify the meal plan, other hotel services and taxi trasnportation from airport, for example. All these services You can choose at the form. If You see the homepage, there is the list of the latest auctions and You can see how the other people open hotel auctions and how they are working with. Anything You can not choose from the fields in the auction form, You can write in the box "Your remarks". The examples can be:

    Please quote the price with airport taxi to Your hotel. Arrival on 25 December, 17.25, flight XX55555 on the airport Neptun. Please rent us the meeting room for 20 persons on 26 December 10.30-16.00. Thanks, Rudolpho

    Hi, please total price with room view to the beach and daily fitness, ciao, Marcello

    Total price with car parking and small dog in room please. Theresa

    Hi, we are vegetarians, so please replies only from the hotels with thtat cuisine. Thanks, Josephina

    Hello, we are seniors, so please the room in the lower floor. Only hotels with lift. Thank You.

    Hi we are sportsmen and need the bike depository room. we will have 4 bikes. thanks, Jirka
    By the way, these remarks show the hoteliers You are not the computer XML segment - but real time potential guest.

  • 14) How much is it ? Will I pay anything ?
    The auction platform in our system PrimaHotels.Com is completely free of charge for our customers. There are NOT any hidden fees or registration fees or annual fees. Our customers pay only their hotel reservations directly to the hoteliers via their credit cards. Group reservations can be paid mutually agreed manner.

  • 15) We are travel agency. Can we use the auction system for group booking ?
    Yes, of course. The auction platform for hotel group reservations is ideal for travel agents or tour operators. It saves time and money. One click to reach a large number of the hotels in destination. The auction always brings the best actual rates on the market. And it is free of charge. There are NOT any hidden fees or registration fees or annual fees. Group reservations can be paid mutually agreed manner.

  • 16) Myths and mistakes of the customers.
    I always use the search price engines and choose the best prices.
    Yes, it is good idea. Everybody does it. But You passively accept the lowest on line high price, even if it is the best among the others.
    I use my Iphone with the newest programme to find the best prices in the area.
    Yes, You passively accept the lowest hotel online price. Because You do not know, it is the highest. The newest distribution utilities like smart phones or Ipads do not give You better rates. They distribute the same rates as You can find around the public internet. It is only different way of rates distribution.
    I make the hotel reservations directly with hotelier via phone.
    Yes, it is little bit better than the on-line system, as You can sometimes get a discount. But generally. In this case the hotelier does not see the offer of the competitors and that is why You can not get better auction rate at all.
    I make the reservations directly with hotels on their official web sites.
    It is good idea, but almost hoteliers use the external reservation system of the third party as XML integration or iframe. All such systems are with robotic rate control over the internet and You buy the standard rate like anywhere. Only with marketing slogan - Here You buy the lowest rates.