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Miami Beach, 10/1/2020 - 10/10/2020, 1 room, no meal plan, ****/*****. Replies: 0 hotels

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  • Hotels among each other outrun the offered price and change it during auction
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Did you know that ... ?

  • Online hotel reservation systems are completely controlled over the internet with automated robotic tools by the third parties ?
  • Almost official hotel websites use the external reservation system for room reservations ?
  • Online reservation systems is the most expensive distribution channel for hoteliers ?
  • Internet online hotel room rates are the highest ? Even if with slogan - Now with 70 percent OFF ?
  • The most expensive rooms for hoteliers are those unsold ?
  • The marketing text "Best Price Guaranteed" is used almost by retailers, who can not guarantee anything at all ?
  • Margin of some travel agencies or tour operators achieves more than 60 percent below the published hotel internet price ?
  • You paid for hotels a pile of money for extra expensive services of online reservation systems? ... What are you going to do?